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Transition to Adult Life


Self-Confidence Helps

What is self-confidence?

It is being sure of yourself and feeling good about how you look and feel. Hiring managers say it is actually confidence they find most attractive, not just appearance.

According to experts, anyone can look better to others if they:

  1. have good eye contact,
  2. act upbeat,
  3. dress well, and
  4. listen well.

Are there ways to build self-confidence? Yes. Through practice, encouragement, and supportive friends, family, and teachers. Remember that politeness and good manners count, and thank the interviewer at the very end of the session.

Building self-confidence tip: pop-up on Transition IEP team



positive presentation

What do you think?
Carlos has a habit of slouching whenever he sits. He really wants a job. Ways to improve might be:

Choice 1a. Carlos can practice being the employer and another student plays the applicant in an interview, using bad posture.
Choice 2b. Carlos can go to a real interview and find out for himself how bad posture can mess up his chances.
Choice 3c. Video a fake interview and ask him to watch how he looks.
Choice 4d. Video a someone else in class who presents well and ask Carlos to compare with his own video.