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Deficit Remediation

Much of the disability service system focuses on deficit remediation. One reason this happens is that to enter the system, one needs to demonstrate deficits in order to qualify for funding. Once the system identifies your needs, it has a strong tendency to focus on remediating them.

What's wrong with that?

Well for one thing, fixing your problems might not always be your greatest priority. If you wanted a job, and the system found you had too few skills, or inappropriate behaviors, or toileting problems, it would conclude these would need to be solved first before you could get a job.

But this isn't necessarily true. Fixing these things might enhance our employability, but for some folks, the fixing might take all of their lives. It's far better to look at your hopes, dreams, your goals and then figure out how to get there, despite the challenges.

Sometimes we can indeed help people fix what's wrong, but more likely, we can help people with support and accommodation to succeed in spite of their difficulties.