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Setting Up Situational Assessment Sites

Identify Businesses With The Targeted Jobs

Identify the broad array of employment opportunities in the geographic region.
Identify organizations employing people in the area of interest of the job seeker.
Identify specific job titles of the work in which the job seeker is interested.

Contact Personnel Director

Describe your program.
Describe situational assessments.
Discuss, employer,trainer, and trainee responsibilities.
Develop a written contract with the business.

Identify and Analyze Jobs

Observe departments.
Select jobs.
Observe coworkers.
Develop a job duties schedule.
Develop task analyses.

Schedule Assessments

Identify time for the individual to participate with department supervisors.
Send copy of schedule to business and agency/school.
Contact appropriate individuals.
Develop a job information fact sheet for each assessment site.

Conduct Situational Assessment

Develop a situational assessment form to summarize experience.
Summarize information.
Provide feedback to appropriate individuals (individual, family, career/transition team, etc.)