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Money and Budgeting

Keeping Track of your Checking

Check Register

A check register is a way to keep track of all the deposits you make and checks you write. You can do this by writing in a register the bank supplies you, or you can do it on a computer. Either way, it is very important to keep track of every single thing you do with your money in your account. Why? Click here to find out.

Account Balance

Every time you do something with your money and write it in a check register, you need to add (if you deposited money) or subtract (if you wrote a check) from the balance. The balance is the total amount of money in the account right now. It is the money you have available.

Here is a sample check register. Double-click it to enlarge. Click again to make small.

check register


This is what a checkbook and register look like. The top part is the register - more about that below. The bottom part is your pad of checks.