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Money and Budgeting


Using an ATM
(Automatic Teller Machine)

An automatic teller machine, or ATM, allows a bank customer to do their banking from the machine instead of going to the bank.

These machines are often located in many different spots, like stores, malls, and outside banks on their sidewalk. They are open 24 hours, which means you can get money or deposit money any time of day.

Practice Using an ATM. Your PIN is 5280.

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To use an ATM, your bank gives you a small plastic card. This card goes into the machine. It is linked to your accounts.

You must have your own private password or number, called a PIN, to make the card work. You must keep this password secret! If others know your PIN your money can be stolen.

There are a lot of things you can do at an ATM:

  • Get cash from your account
  • Transfer money between your accounts, such as between your checking account and your credit card account to pay your bill
  • Pay any of your normal monthly bills
  • Print balances or statements on your account
  • Deposit cash or checks into any of your accounts.

The bank charges you a fee for most banking services at an ATM.