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Transition to Work

Health Care and Transition

What you Need to Be Able to Do

Here are some things that, as a young adult, you need to be able to do. We will learn more about these as we go through this course. Review each of them now to help you know what you need to work on.

1. Take my medications and order them when I need more

2. Schedule and go to appointments with my doctors

3. Tell doctors about how I am feeling and answer their questions

4. Ask doctors questions and take notes of what they say

5. Remember what the doctors say to do

6. Read about and look things up to learn more about my condition

7. Do health insurance paperwork and pay health care bills

8. Keep a notebook about my condition and health care

9. Know what to do in an emergency

10. Be as physically fit and healthy as possible


Download a checklist of the health care items discussed at left.