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Transition to Adult Life


Post-Secondary Education Options

Getting Ready

Under the reauthorization of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act of 2004 (IDEIA), students with disabilities exiting high school with a standard diploma or those who are "aging out" are entitled to a Summary of Performance (SOP). The SOP can be used to help reach postsecondary goals.

[Note: If a student drops out or leaves with a standard diploma prior to the age of 22, the school district is not required to develop a SOP.]

Also, students need to be academically prepared and emotionally ready for the challenges of post-secondary school. The student will need experience in working independently, advocating for their needs, residential skills, and being able to manage health, money, medication and health needs.

Finally, the student will need to know their rights and be able to practice self-determination and self advocacy.

Some high schools offer post-secondary preparation. These are often highly useful for students with disabilities. Summer orientation or preparation classes can help with the transition.


National Summer Pre-College Programs for Students