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Post-Secondary Education Options

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If I want an academic adjustment, what must I do?

You must inform the school that you have a disability and need an academic adjustment. Unlike your school district, your postsecondary school is not required to identify you as having a disability or assess your needs.

Most schools have published procedures about the process to follow. You might need to ask a school official for a copy.

For more information: U.S. Department of Education


Examples of Academic Adjustments

  • arranging for priority registration
  • reducing a course load
  • substituting one course for another
  • providing:
    • note takers
    • recording devices
    • sign language interpreters
    • extended time for testing
    • if telephones are provided in dorm rooms, a TTY in your dorm room
    • equipping school computers with screen-reading, voice recognition or other adaptive software or hardware