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John has the disability label of "Mental Impairment" and is considered "non-verbal." John's PASS will be used for employment identification through four on the job experiences and will pay for OJT employer costs, transportation, and job coaching support. The yearly cost is $706.67. This PASS is for 3 years and a total amount of $2,120.00. This PASS comes from the Denver Regional SSA Office.

Thank you for your patience and support in processing and approving my PASS. I intend to work diligently to identify my vocational goal which will enable me to pursue employment prior to graduation from high school thereby making better utilization of all existing resources and increasing my chances of remaining employed as an adult.

I will be conducting my work based situational assessments during the summer months of 2008 when school supports are not available due to limited school funding, but ideal summer work opportunities are available. I cannot utilize Vocational Rehabilitation for a vocational evaluation, because Vocational Rehabilitation has limited funding and does not support students until after graduation from High School due to State fiscal policies to conserve VR's limited funds.

I believe it is very important to begin now to identify my work goal and engage in real paid employment prior to graduation. Waiting until the end of the last year of school is often too late to successfully transition to employment. The adult services waiting list in the State has large numbers of people statewide waiting for adult services for employment and housing.